Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you a Barnabas?

It's simple really. A few words of encouragement can lift up a friend and change the future while words of disapproval, cynicism and disbelief can easily send a person and their dreams plummeting into the pit we all know so well.

Barnabas first appears in scripture in Acts 9:27 when the disciple known as the Son of Encouragement introduces us and his fellow believers to Saul, a murderous Jewish leader who'd met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. While the other disciples refused to speak with Saul out of fear, Barnabas gave a troubled new Christian a second chance. Without Barnabas, would the world know two thirds of the Bible? Would we have Paul, the greatest evangelist who ever walked this earth?

Probably not.

Barnabas' words of encouragement to Paul and the new members of the church paved the way for Christianity as we know it. Simple words of encouragement were all it took to spread the love of Jesus Christ to a sad and discouraged world.

When the time arises, and God asks you to step up to the plate and spread His words of love and encouragement, are you a Barnabas?

I know it's hard. In our society today, we tend to lean more to "down to earth," to "reality" and to "keeping your head out of the clouds." But, why? The word encouragement is written 59 times in the New International Version of our Bible. In every case, it was to spread God's word and keep the church and its members going through persecution and hardship. God mentions constantly for us to encourage one another. He knew we all needed it. That time is now.

Be a Barnabas is a place for love and encouragement in day-to-day life. Originally, this site was geared toward single parents and their children, which is still a key force for BaB and will be a focus for our content. But, don't we all need encouragement? Parents. Children. Teens. Tweens. Pastors. Leaders. Politicians. Writers. We all need encouragement, especially encouragement with God. So, stay with me, visit me often and sign up for my blog alerts for weekly words of God's encouragement straight from the pages of the greatest book ever written.

Be encouraged. Be strong and strive for your dreams in God's service. And remember: It doesn't matter where you've been. It matters where you're going.

In His Service,

Dawn Michelle Michals and Be a Barnabas ™