Monday, October 19, 2009

October's Lunch - What a blessing!

Wow! Sometimes I wake up so tired and drained that I wonder how I'll make it through the day let alone how I'll serve God and His children. But, however I feel doesn't matter.

Our God is a mighty, wonderful, gracious God who places us in His hands and gets the job done!

I was beat down and in a daze. But, I gave it all to God, and He made yesterday's Be a Barnabas one of my favorite lunches yet. God was there in all His glory! We ate in abundance -- God stretched the food to feed 42 of His children! We sang songs in praises of our King, and Tracee led a lesson on the Five Love Languages so we may all know how to better love one another. It was a glorious day!

And, to top it all off, one of our members, Fidencia, was BAPTIZED! Congratulations, Fidencia! The angels in heaven as well as all your friends on earth celebrated and rejoiced yesterday! We love you!

Thank you, Ricky, for the brisket and rolls! And, thank you to Tracee, Jen, Michael, and Judy for providing the rest of the food.

Our next lunch will be November 15th! I hope to see you there. God is so good!

May your week be blessed and filled with Christ's love!

To be used by Him,

Chelle and BaB

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 18 - Be a Barnabas and Brisket


This month's lunch will be on October 18! Come ready for brisket, homemade rolls and all the best fixin's! We will have worship and the Word following lunch.

I've missed seeing everyone and look forward to Sunday!

If you have friends who'd like to join us, pass on the info! We'd love to meet them!

See you Sunday! God bless!

~Chelle and BaB